Tuesday, May 18, 2010


We have been getting some great comments from people since the opening of the newly remodeled George H. W. Bush Gallery. We’d like to share a few of them with our readers and fans.

Absolutely wonderful & well done! What an excellent exhibit!

-L. W., Ontario

Wonderful. Will be talking to my brothers about sponsoring a plaque for our father who was on the USS OAKLAND on Okinawa. My grandfather was a mechanic with the AVG.

-G.R., Lodi, CA

Thank you for keeping history alive for the younger ones to experience and know the awful things of war and the freedom that we enjoy because of it.

-K.N., New York

Stunning architectural and exhibit design – very moving.

-B. D., Atlanta, GA

This is a fantastic museum. A fantastic tribute to the men and women who served and died in the Pacific War. Thank you for providing this museum for our children – may they never forget the terrible price paid for our freedom.

-Larry, Capt. USN (Ret)

Fantastic! I was h ere four years ago and what is now here is great!

-J. S., US Army (Ret)

Wish we could have stayed longer to read and see it all – was wonderful!

-J. L., Crest Hill, IL

What a Pleasure! My compliments to all the staff!

-H.A., Montana

Really enjoyed my visit yesterday! Wow what a GREAT job putting everything together and the video displays and flat screens were excellent!! The initial Japan/China history gave an insight I have never seen before. What a treasure to be proud of!!

-E. F., Facebook

And, we have also been listening to the concerns that have been voiced. We are currently in the process of making much more seating available throughout the exhibit.

Thank you all so much for your positive remarks! If you haven’t been to the newly re-modeled museum yet, come check it out. If you have been here, let us know what you think!!