Thursday, July 22, 2010

You Search, They Donate, We Benefit

Sounds too easy, right? Thanks to a company called GoodSearch, every time you do an internet search, the Admiral Nimitz Foundation receives a donation. Go to, type Admiral Nimitz Foundation where it asks who you GoodSearch for and start searching! The donation comes out to be about one penny per search, but that can add up. If we have 500 supporters doing 5 searches a day, that adds up to over $9,000 in a year. Now it just sounds too good to be true, right? Over 91,000 non-profits can’t be wrong. The ASPCA alone has earned $34,000 through GoodSearch.

If you are an online shopper, there’s even more you can do to help out the museum. is an online shopping mall with hundreds of great stores that all donate a percentage of your purchase back to the Admiral Nimitz Foundation. All stores have different donation percentages but just think, if you make that next online purchase through GoodShop, you’ll be getting your new merchandise and the store you shopped through will be making a donation to a good cause.

And the best part is that GoodSearch is the one doing the donating, all the supporter is doing is asking that the donation be made to the Admiral Nimitz Foundation. Either make GoodSearch your homepage or download the GoodSearch – Admiral Nimitz Foundation toolbar to your computer at so it is always at your fingertips. Thanks in advance for showing your support through your standard internet use!

Note: If you want to know more about how it works, who is involved, where the money comes from, etc., go to Their website is very informative and easy to navigate.