Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tinian Photos

Amphibious tractors and landing boats leave streaming white wakes as they scurry back and forth hauling Marines from assault vessels to the Tinian beachhead.

Making certain that their rifles are kept dry, this wave of Marine assault troops disembarks from landing craft and wade through waist-deep surf to join their comrades on the Tinian beachhead.

A jeep is unloaded from an amphibious duck at Tinian. Marines use a portable crane for unloading the amphibious vehicles during landing operations.

Amphibious landing craft bring Marines and artillery ashore during the second day of the assault on Tinian. Ducks (amphibious trucks) carry the artillery inland to their positions and shortly after, Marine gunners were hurling shells at the enemy.

When this Marine was wounded while on a patrol in the interior of Tinian, his buddies helped him back to an aid station near the American lines.

All of the above photos were taken on Tinian by Norm Hatch. They are part of the museum's collection.