Thursday, October 14, 2010

NMPW to Host Military Blood Drive

The National Museum of the Pacific War is excited to announce that they will host a blood drive that will specifically benefit the U.S. military, first in war zones such as Iraq and Afghanistan and then in military hospitals. This will be the seventh of this type to be held in Fredericksburg and the first to be held on museum grounds.

When the military runs low on their blood supply, they must purchase blood from civilian blood banks at regular retail prices. The military may not ask for blood donations or assistance from civilians either. In May of 2007, the St. Mary’s Knights of Columbus in Fredericksburg held the first local blood drive for the military with great success. Since then, five more drives have been held here in town all with great success but venues have sometimes been less central and therefore have not had the donor attendance that the community would normally provide. The National Museum of the Pacific War is located on Main Street and is very easily accessible for the community. The site was approved for a one time drive through a process that went all the way to the Secretary of Defense.

This year’s drive will be held in the Nimitz Ballroom at the National Museum of the Pacific War on November 1, 2 and 3. The drive will last three days in hopes of collecting as many lifesaving units as possible. The Armed Services Blood Program says that 50 units is a successful drive, but in the past, Fredericksburg has blown that number out of the water with an average of almost 300 units per drive. One unit of blood can help save up to three lives. The community of Fredericksburg has a strong history of military support and is now continuing that legacy by sending the “Ultimate Care Package” to our men and women in uniform!