Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We are so pleased to share the wonderful response we received from Dr. Simon Patrick’s visit to the National Museum of the Pacific War. He and his wife visited the museum on a recent trip to Texas from London.

Dear Sirs,

My wife and I have just returned to the UK from a 2-week vacation in Texas, of which the highlight was undoubtedly a visit to the Museum of the Pacific War (and there were many high points in our visit!).

I think it is quite simply the best museum I have ever visited anywhere on the globe and wish to convey our appreciation to your organisation.

To be frank I had not heard of the museum before stumbling upon it in Fredericksburg (looking for European strength coffee!!) and having enjoyed an afternoon touring the USS Lexington earlier in our holiday, it seemed an obvious follow up.

Not only are the exhibits and the background material presented with intelligence and in logical sequence, but there is an almost complete absence of jingoism or bias in the exhibit which is presented with emotional rather than nationalistic emphasis - really quite moving at times. And if I may say so, such a different presentation of American psyche and attitudes than that which prevail and pervade the impression of the US here in the UK and more widely in Europe.

Four hours was nothing like long enough to do the museum justice and it will be on our list of places to return in Texas just as soon as we can.

Thank you for providing this experience and providing such an insight to such a bleak period of history.

Yours faithfully,

Dr. Simon Patrick


University College London

Thank you again for your comments, Dr. Patrick!