Thursday, March 18, 2010

7th War Loan Poster

From the new George H. W. Bush Gallery

7th War Loan Poster

This poster was designed by C.C. Beall, a commercial illustrator who drew comics and book covers. He used the famous Joe Rosenthal photo of the second Iwo Jima flag raising as the basis for his design. Rosenthal’s photo had been published as part of a news report on the battle and had made a profound impact on the American people. Beall’s poster was used as part of the campaign for the 7th War Loan tour, which began in May of 1945, just days after V-E Day. There was concern that victory in Europe might decrease bond sales. The use of the Iwo Jima image, as well as the three survivors of the flag raising speaking at stops along the way, were intended to increase patriotism and therefore boost bond sales. The tour was a success; the original goal of the drive-the highest goal of any war bond drive during the war-was surpassed.

The caption reads:

This World War II poster was personally autographed by the survivors of this flag raising [Rene Gagnon, James Bradley, and Ira Hayes] while they were traveling in Ohio to promote war bond sales. It is presented to Coach Darrell Royal as a token of my admiration and esteem of him as a leader of men.

Harold H. Bredlow

Executive Director-Ohio War Bond Sales 1941-1946