Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Break

Its Spring Break week in Texas and Fredericksburg is the hot-spot for many travelers! The weather is beautiful, the museum is selling raffle tickets for an ATV, the wineries are pouring their best, the shops all have open doors, and the restaurants are sure to be cooking up some delicious fare. Fredericksburg has long been a popular destination for families and younger crowds who don’t feel like braving the college beach scene and they are never let down after a getaway in the Texas Hill Country.

The museum will be open from 9 to 5 every day. Tickets are good for 48 hours so we welcome you to take a break for lunch and go check out some of the great food our town has to offer. But, don’t forget to come back and get that hour-long guided tour of the Combat Zone in. At the end of the first day, head out and see some live music and enjoy some good German food and then come back to the museum the next day to finish up all of the exhibits. There’s so much to see here that we do encourage taking two days to see everything. And, a little added extra, we will be selling raffle tickets for an ATV in both the Nimitz Bookstore and the Bush Gallery Museum Store as well as in front of the Nimitz Museum all week. Tickets will be sold up until the drawing which will be held at the Nimitz Texas Barbecue on April 10, 2010. Stay tuned for more information on that event, you’ll want to come hang out for that one!

We hope to see some of you over Spring Break; it’s a really great time to be in Fredericksburg!