Thursday, March 25, 2010

Letters to Veterans

Inside the Nimitz Museum and the George H.W. Bush Gallery at the National Museum of the Pacific War, you can find tables set up with an opportunity to write a letter to a wounded veteran. All letters are sent to the wounded at BAMC as a small token of appreciation from the men, women and children who visit our museum and take part in this activity. Some of the letters stand out as being particularly thoughtful; I thought this would be a good place to share a few from time to time.

Dear Soldier,
Thank you for standing on our front lines with the heart of a lion. For standing tall where others flee. For fighting for our country so freedom can stay and live on. Thank you.
I support you!

Dear Hero,
Words cannot describe the deep appreciation that I hold for your service to this country, and for my family. My father served in the European Theater WWII, Patton’s 3rd. He received two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star. I attempted to serve but was disabled early in life. To men like me, you are what America means to me. Without you and your brothers, there would sorely be no America. No matter your circumstance, please know that you are special to us and we hold you up for your service.
God bless you and your family and never let anyone make you believe that you are anything less than a Hero!

Next time you are at the museum, stop and write a quick letter. It will bring a smile to the face of a wounded hero and make you feel proud at the same time!